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Complete catalogue by label Jablká ďaleko od stromu and allied labels. Send me an e-mail to get shipping information.

If you buy 2 or more items from the list below you can choose any bonus CD from Aliens Production for voluntary price (min. 1 EUR) as well. Ryby from Aliens Productions generously dedicated some of his releases to Jablka daleko od stromu label and I'd like to make sure that his awesome EBM/Dark Industrial CDs are taken by people who either love this genre already or are keen to discover something new.

Most of the items from allied labels are currently in quantity = 1. If you see "SOLD OUT" indicator and are still interested in an album, do not hesitate and send me an e-mail - I can usually get another copy from friendly bands and distros.

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CAT# Band - Album (year) Format (LTD) Price (EUR) Bandcamp
JBLK-13 ADACTA - Dno (2023 MC (50) 8 Sixth release by Slovak HC crust punkers heavily inspired by old school Swedish death metal. 25 cassettes in gold color distributed by the band and 25 grey cassettes distributed by Jablká ďaleko od stromu label. Bandcamp
JBLK-12 Demonic-Eyed - 4 (2022) / Jakubysko - s/t (2022) MC (50) 8 Split album by two Slovak extreme UG bands from city Zvolen. Both bands released their albums in December 2022. Demonic-Eyed plays thrash/HC/crossover and Jakubysko is a grind/powerviolence combo. Bandcamp#1
JBLK-11 Therapist - Svet/lo slepých (2022) MC (50) 8 Debut album by Slovak atmo-sludge band Therapist. This is some heavy crushing stuff where sludgy slow motives are combined with fast tempo/death metal passages in a very fitting manner. Lyrics are in Slovak and in vein of folk horror feelings about guilt, curse, solitude and death. Bandcamp
JBLK-10 Old Tomb / Monolith - Split (2022) MC (50) SOLD OUT A split EP release by two Slovak doom bands. Old Tomb's Phantom Hour (2022) and Monolith's ... Enter the Monolith (2022). Both bands have appeared on former Jablka & Doom Compilations. Above and beyond time and genre matching split release. Bandcamp#1
JBLK-09 The Last Days of Jesus - :ON BLACK: MC (60) 8 Remixed and remastered compilation by Slovak innovators of gothpunk/deathrock music. Selected songs from 1995-2007 years. This is an exclusive MC release with two bonus tracks - an advance to the band's 30th anniversary best-of compilation released on vinyl in early 2023. Bandcamp
JBLK-08 Svor - Sleepwalking Through Life MC (35) SOLD OUT Second album by SVOR - DSBM one man band from Slovakia. Atmospheric, slow tempos, desperation. Collaboration of micro labels Suicide Fix Records and Jablka Daleko od Stromu. Bandcamp
JBLK-07 V/A - Jablká & Doom Vol.3 (2022) MC (100) 8 Third compilation of slow and atmospheric bands. This time half of Slovak and half of Czech bands. Stoner, sludge, alternative death doom and atmospheric music. Chosen as one of top#50 doom metal releases of 2022 by UK doom podcasters ninehertz. Bands: Mushrooms of Yuggoth, Lvmen, Olaf Olafsonn and the Big Bad Trip, Bongsilisk, Return of Pluto, Nikander, Blooming Stones, 0n0. Bandcamp
JBLK-06 Drugs - Bude horšie (2021) MC (100) 8 Blackened crust from Eastern Slovakia. Collaboration of Slovak and Czech UG labels: ANXT.RECORDS.PRESS, Jablká ďaleko od stromu, Different Records, Heavy Metal Vomit Party. Bandcamp
JBLK-05 Ničiteľ - Anna (2022) 12"LP (300) 12 Blackened atmo-sludge from Slovakia. Drums'n'bass and vocals. Collaboration of Slovak labels Pkan, Ingot, Jablká ďaleko od stromu and Skaven Records, Czech label Véva Records, Kazachstanian label Red Truth Records, Greek label Sómba Records and Spanish label Hecatombe Records. Bandcamp
JBLK-04 V/A - Jablká & Doom Vol.2 (2021) MC (80) SOLD OUT Second compilation of doom music mainly from Slovakia with the first "czecho-slovak" band hailing from Prague. This time selection is even more diverse not only combining death doom, blackened doom and stoner doom bands but also some drone and experimental stuff. Bands: Rato Triste, Distant Shapes, Void Odyssey, Kragrowargkomn, Vesmyr, Monolith, Cameleon, Samūhaya. Released in two colours - black (label) and red (bands) cassette. Bandcamp
JBLK-03 Kazostroj - Malomestská mizéria (2020) 7"EP (30) SOLD OUT 7"EP by Slovak blackened-thrash garage commando Kazostroj. Collaboration of DIY label PANK INAK and Jablká ďaleko od stromu. Bandcamp
JBLK-02 Samorast / Lakka - SPLIT (2021) 12"LP (300) SOLD OUT Split album of HC-punk bands Samorast (SK) and Lakka (CZ). Collaboration release made by DIY labels: Radek Buldra, Different records, Animator records, Svarta rec., Jablká ďaleko od stromu, INGOT - Andrejco records, Salto Mortale music and Šlinc records. Some vinyls may still be available at bands and labels shops. Bandcamp#1
JBLK-01 V/A - Jablká & Doom Vol.1 (2021) MC (100) SOLD OUT Compilation of 7 bands playing slow music from Slovakia. Death doom meets sludge and stoner. A surprising cover version and a song dedicated to the Label. Bands: Therapist, SLØN, Samsara, Ničiteľ, Old Tomb, Möbius, FAT Bandcamp
*** Aliens Production

Slovak EBM/Dark Industrial Label
(est. 1997)
*** *** ***
AP57 Fractal - Hologram (2022) CD 7 A new album by Polish IDM/Dark-Electro pioneer Tomasz Lukowicz Bandcamp
AP49 Frontier Guards - Reload (2020) CD 7 An EBM album by Atreid aka Martin Pavlik. Bandcamp
AP48 Last Influence of Brain - Insomnicons (2020) CD 7 Slovak EBM cult trio is back after 10 years of silence. Bandcamp
AP41 ISH - Structures of Mind (2017) CD 7 IDM/Electronic album full of moods and melancholy. Bandcamp
AP40 Samhain - One Minutes to Twelve (2017) CD 7 Apocalyptic electro industrial from Slovakia. Bandcamp
AP39 Disharmony - Fragments of Time (2016) CD SOLD Old school EBM and minimal electro from Slovakia. Broken rhythms in a combination of beautiful atmospheres, crystal clear sounds and cinematic corners. Bandcamp
AP38 Recfrag - Recovered Fragments (2017) CD 7 Electronic frequencies and break beats in the waters of IDM and ambient from Belarus. Bandcamp
AP36 V/A - Hypotaxia: Aliens Production Sampler (2016) CD 7 Compilation of 20 Electro-Industrial bands by Slovak label Aliens Production. Bandcamp
AP35 The Opposer Divine - Reverse//Human (2016) CD 7 A straightforward EBM project by Minor from Slovak electro industrial band Terminal State. Bandcamp
AP29 Headdreamer - Human Frequencies (2014) CD 7 Ambient electronic music by the member of Slovak electro industrial act dISHARMONY. Bandcamp
AP22 Ambiguous - Stone Cross (2010) CD (333) 7 Dark ambient from Slovakia. Bandcamp
*** Calvos 73 Records

Slovak UG Tape & Vinyl Label
(est. 2022)
*** *** ***
calvos 73-06 Morbid Angel Dust - Retaliation (EP 2022) MC 8 Second EP by harsh grindcore duo Adam and Patres also known from Czech/Slovak grindcore band Sick Destroyer. Bandcamp
Calvos 73-05 Sewer Fiend / Plague Patrol - Split (2022) 12"LP 17 A split vinyl by UK death-doomers Sewer Friend and Czech OSDM Plague Patrol. Bandcamp
calvos 73-02 Rato Triste - Choked By My Own Dreams (2022) 12"LP 15 Debut long play by Prague based sludgers. Bandcamp
calvos 73-01 Controlled Existence / Shitbrains - Split EP (2022) 7"EP 6 Split release by Prague based grindcore band Controlled Existence and grindcore from Los Angeles, California - Shitbrains. Bandcamp
*** Filth Junkies Records

Czech UG Tape & Vinyl Label
(est. 2020)
*** *** ***
FJR N/A Gospel of the Future - Blowtorch Mankind (2022) MC SOLD Third album by Czech sludgers with artwork from Marald van Haasteren. MC collaboration release by Vřesová Studánka, Filth Junkies and Sabotage Printing Bandcamp
FJR019 Beton - Zombie Mustang Safari (2022) MC SOLD Second full length album by Slovak OSDM pioneers with crust-punk roots. Bandcamp
FJR018 Mordloch - s/t (EP 2022) MC SOLD Debut EP by OSDM band from Czech Republic. Bandcamp
FJR016 Static Abyss - Labirynth of Veins (2022) MC 9 Debut death-doom album of US legends Greg Wilkinson (Guitars/bass) & Chris Reifert (drums/vocals), both members of American masters of sickness Autopsy. Bandcamp
FJR015 Goatcraft - Spheres Below (2017) MC SOLD Occult black-death metal from Slovakia. Bandcamp
FJR013 Graveater - .​.​. of Harrowing Remains (2022) MC (50) 8 Death/thrash metal from Estonia. First demo re-press limited to 50 pieces. Bandcamp
FJR011 Infestment - Evulsion of Mortal Birth (2021) MC 8 One man band of Justin Stubbs, also in Encoffination, Father Befouled ect. Death metal in the vein of old Cannibal Corpse. Bandcamp
FJR010 Sovereign - Neurotic (DEMO 2020) MC 8 Fast death/thrash from Norway. Bandcamp